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Fabric Favorites

We Love Batiks!

Rather than rolling color across lengths of fabric as conventional printing processes do, Batik fabrics are created by stamping fabric with a protective wax layer in areas where the color is not desired before dyeing the fabric. Each new color requires a seperate application of wax to protect different areas of fabric. The layers of dye create rich complex colors not created in other printing processes. Wax coatings adhere just a bit differently with every application, even cracking occasionally, adding subtle variations to each section of fabric. The individuality and color created in this unique dyeing process make Batik prints colorful and intricate, qualities appreciated by discerning quilters and sewers alike.

Because each Batik manufacturer adds their own unique touch to the printing process, we’ve created informative pages to help you learn their individual qualities, whether it's using sunlight or tropical leaves in the dyeing processes, so you can find the right fabrics for your next quilting projects.