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Plano, TX  75075
About Batik Textiles

Batik Textiles take advantage of the unique climate of Bali in producing their distinctive fabrics. After the dying processes are complete, the fabrics are dried outdoors. The intense midday sun interacts with the dye to create vivid and specific colors. Workers rapidly place tropical leaves, that grow abundantly near the dyeing facility, over the wet fabric, creating shaded areas that maintain the original color of the dye. This process creates distinctive variations in color and pattern which give the completed designs an incredible feeling of depth. The combination of the dimension and natural appearance has become extremely popular with quilters for the texture and visual interest it adds. The designers at Batik Textiles work closely with the master dyer to ensure that every design is unique. Each length of fabric is carefully checked multiple times, prior to shipping, to ensure that the consumer receives only the best possible fabric.

Why Fabric Fanatics Loves Batik Textiles

Because Batik Textiles begin with high thread count cotton and rayon, the fabric is as soft and durable as it is beautiful, making it an excellent choice for apparel and home décor sewing as well as quilting. The vibrant jewel tones and intriguing botanical motifs created by the manufacturing process are appropriate for bright, cheerful dresses and tops as well as intricate quilts. With unusual color combinations in a rainbow of shades, it's a snap to find complimentary fabrics that will showcase your sewing projects in rich hues, depth and texture. Be sure to see our entire line of Batik Textiles.