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About Island Batiks

The art of creating Batik fabrics has been a way of life on the island of Bali for centuries, making it the perfect place to manufacture Island Batiks. Artisans craft both 100% cotton and rayon prints by hand using techniques passed down for generations, producing beautiful colorfast fabrics. Designers incorporate the atmosphere of the island by using elements such as vivid tropical flowers, delicate leaves, or the shimmering scales of a fish for inspiration. The bold designs and unexpected color combinations add excitement to quilts and craft sewing items such as handbags or mug mats.

Why Fabric Fanatics loves Island Batiks

Because Island Batiks are produced by a community working together, the pride the artisans take in their workmanship is evident in every fabric they create. Only the highest quality materials are used and because the fabric is handcrafted, it is examined multiple times during the manufacturing process for print clarity, color consistency and fabric durability. As a result, colors are always clear and defined while maintaining the individual variations prized in Batik prints. Designs range from layers of color reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis, to the warm tones of sand and brilliant tropical flowers, which reflect the life and atmosphere of the islands. The variety of motifs and vivid hues offer fabrics for every sewing and quilting style, from refined Victorian Romance to Bohemian freedom. Be sure to see our entire line of Island Batiks.